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Time 4 Walkies - Dog Walking Service

Dogwalking Service Covering Fraddon, Indian Queens, St Columb, Ladock and nearby Surrounding Areas within a 5 mile radius of Higher Fraddon
We are insured
We have references available
We offer Group Dog Walking and One to One Dog Walking
Full One Hour Group Dog Walk £8 (£5 for 2nd dog from same household) when booking more than one walk, or £9 for a single walk
30 minute One to One Dog Walk £6
We walk dogs weekdays and on weekends (Weekend walks are slightly more at £10 per hour)
Time4Walkies is a family run partnership set up in 2003 by Jackie & Bob, offering a local and personal dogwalking service, originally based in Taunton Somerset we now live and are based in Fraddon Cornwall. An important aspect of our service is that we do not hire other people to walk the dogs for us, we walk all the dogs ourselves, come rain or shine.
About Bob and Myself: We are both dog lovers having grown up with dogs and we have a dog of our own. When walking your dog, we go to safe areas away from roads, only giving dogs off the lead freedom if they have good recall and with their owners permission, and during group dog walking we only ever walk a maximum of 3 dogs each.
If you are thinking of getting your dog walked for you, then please contact me to arrange for me to visit you and your dog, free of charge and with no obligation.
Please phone 01726 861049 or email to discuss your requirements.

dog treat time

Treats Time on a recent Dog Walk, that's me handing out the treats, while Bob takes the photo.
I can't honestly say they are all always that well behaved though LOL

More of Bob's pictures of the dogs

dog walks dog walks
dog walks dog walks
dog walks dog walks
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